I write personal essays, poetry and creative non-fiction, and I create small social research projects. Using different mediums (such as photography, sound, text, drawing), I am attempting to make work, to provoke conversation about the over-arching social issues that shape many intersectional identities of second-generation African migrants in Britain. We are in constant negotiation with our past, our parents’ past and the ever-changing present. Some of these issues spring from racism, class, intergenerational trauma, and as a result other issues are present. To uncover some of these concerns and to start asking the right questions, the threads in my projects explore what inspires our decisions, aspirations and routines. My work is often made in cities and that adds another layer when questioning how politics and economics shape cities and its working class residents, many of them being migrants. I am particularly interested in literature and research that examines our everyday experiences and the shifts we have encountered (in politics, the internet, capitalism) in the last twenty years.

I have had the opportunity to exhibit my work in Italy and in the UK. My writing has appeared in Irisi magazine, Ink Sweat and Tears, Parentheses Barcelona, and elsewhere. In 2018, I was a Writer-in-Residence at JIWAR. My first poetry collection, On Reflection: Moments Flight and Nothing New was published in 2020 (Jacaranda). I am working on my next poetry collection and a memoir-research project.