On Reflection: Moments, Flight and Nothing New attempts to grapple with the complexities of our present moment. Personal and imagined stories appear as fragments of everyday scenes forming a narrative of self-discovery. Vignettes accompanied by photography explore life’s contradictions, trauma, and the ways in which we navigate the fluidity of cities.
The poems move back and forth in time and across Europe, highlighting a range of experiences and perspectives of our modern society as a series of snapshots. In each, we catch a glimpse of ourselves, demonstrating how such moments and characters influence our journeys. Written from the consciousness of a British Ghanaian, the collection is a love letter to the lived and shared experience of those struggling and learning about the various intersections of their identity. Through the voice of Akos and other characters, Wiredu reaches to understand the significance of history, its effect on an evolving African diaspora in Europe, and finds hope in the present as she proposes an optimistic dialogue about the future.

“Adjoa Wiredu’s On Reflection: Moments, Flight And Nothing New is an incredibly timely collection holding up a window to our current society.”
Francesca Brown, Stylist Magazine

“[On Reflection: Moments, Flight and Nothing New] is an evocative debut collection… extremely relatable and engaging.”
Eric Otieno, Griot Mag

“Reading [On Reflection: Moments, Flight and Nothing New] feels like taking a beautiful trip through Europe. There’s rawness and tough observations and sad destinies, but somehow Wiredu serves it with such beautiful language that it becomes poetic. On Reflection is a different approach discussing the intersections of being a part of [the] African diaspora in Europe…”
Elisabeth Gullach, (Un)Told pages

“In [On Reflection: Moments, Flight and Nothing New], Wiredu observes the world and reports back with powerful grace.”
Aki Schilz, Writer, Poet and Director of The Literary Consultancy

“[On Reflection Moments Flight and Nothing New is ] a beautiful book of poems. Very familiar especially if you’re second generation & or if you live in Tottenham…”
Taz Gray, Artist and Tottenham Art Classes Founder

Available from Jacaranda, Book Depository, Foyles, Hive, Afrori or request at your local bookshop.


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