Selected Projects


This project is about Tottenham, 2014-2017. It’s a collection of interviews, pictures, essays and prose about the people who live and work in the area, and it’s about regeneration. There were three solo exhibitions at local venues of the photographs from the project.

Places in Paris

This project is about Paris. For three months in 2017, I developed my work for a MA module into a personal project. It’s a collection of field recordings, interviews, pictures about migrants and the city.

Passato e Presente al Pollini

Passato e Presente al Pollini is a project about a music institution in Italy, focused on the older generation and their work. I explored their relationship with space, music, and students. I worked with a student curator to create an online multimedia archive of the process. A poster and a short film of the project were part of a group exhibition.



This project started with a residency at ARC in Switzerland. For four days, I explored background noise with sound artist Martina Raponi. We walked and talked, recording our process and discussions. We created a three-part score, and a zine.

The Library Space

As part of an artists’ residency programme at Stroud Green Library in London, I developed a short project exploring the different relationships we have with libraries and the spaces inside libraries.


I was in Barcelona as a Writer-In-Residence at Jiwar in 2018. My project explored the changes in the city, how it was influencing residents and local politics. I presented work from the project to an invited audience.